About Me

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is George Pabst originally am from UK and now living in the USA. Aulthough I have spent most of my adult life in USA my family are all from Manchester UK.  My interest in Cannabis was grown from its help to mentally clarify what I wanted in life through its medical benefits and has evolved into a full blown passion for the science and culture behind the innocuous yet still infamous little plant. After reading the works of the legendary Jorge Cervantes and receiving the medical benefits myself, Cannabis has become a major portion of my life and lifestyle.

My early life had a significant impact on the man I was to become, as I traveled the Caribbean via boat visiting the Bahamas, Antigua, the Virgin Islands, and even Cuba I was always learning new cultures and new perspectives on humanity. A childhood of adventure creates a man always longing for the next big thing and new experience, so once graduating I found myself taking issue with the lack of spice in my 9-5 life. There were no more adventures waiting around the corner, nothing felt new under the sun.

This, after a few years, led me into an existential depression. Life consisted of nothing but work, but I knew there was much more to it, yet I lacked the motivation to do what was needed to break beyond the system’s chains. Motivation came, maybe unsurprisingly to the reader, from medical Cannabis. A friend of mine recommended the works of Jorge Cervantes and what he experienced from the effects of Cannabis used as a medicine. Cervantes’ works set my mind ablaze with new ideas, here was something I knew very little about and seemed to assist so many people. Then why was it so taboo in today’s society? Why was I told never to be near the plant growing up? I decided to find these answers myself. After a short conversation with members of my local Cannabis club, which I met through my same friend that introduced me to Cervantes, they gave me a Sativa to try. The mental healing effects of a high THC Sativa put me in much better spirits and gave me the opportunity to think of where to head in life. During this time of mental reflection and increased social confidence brought on by Cannabis I met someone who would change my life, Lisa.

Lisa and I met at a small social gathering that sprang up at the Cannabis club where I received my first medical Cannabis. There we discovered each other’s common interests of travel, adventure, literature, and after a short time dating moved in together. Lisa and I delved deeply into the local Cannabis culture attempting to join the efforts to help promote and educate those unaware of the properties the plant holds while also enjoying the community that had sprung forth. Always together, it was not long before we decided to travel.

Soon Lisa and I married, but not until we had saved enough working together to be able to afford a large van to tour the country stopping at any Cannabis event we came across as a honeymoon. During this time, I noted many stories like our own; lost and depressed people who came to a new understanding of themselves and community all while treating their medical issues through Cannabis. Up and down the West Coast and the Midwest of the United States we traveled, meeting new people and learning more and more about Cannabis and Cannabis culture.

Eventually we decided to settle down, finding a small farm outside of Denver, CO. Though I found happiness, I can still see the injustice done to those who use my favorite plant. I hope to be able to spread the wealth of knowledge I have collected to educate those who could use the help of Cannabis in their lives. I currently live on a small farm outside of Denver, CO with my wife, my van, and two German shepherds.